Nectar Lettering Co


Meet Nectar’s
Honey bee

If I could give you a hug, I definitely would! My name is Rebekah and I am the busy bee behind Nectar Lettering Company. I was born and raised here on the beautiful Central Coast and currently reside in quaint Arroyo Grande. I have a silly alien pig french bulldog called Pippin and I am a taco-tequila kind of lady.

My heart’s true joy is connecting people together, fostering genuine community and creating unique, welcoming spaces for relationships to develop. People are my passion, and I always say: chances are I love you already. My heart is poured into every piece, finding that the nuances of my clients and their vision are the driving force behind my work. I have been an artist my whole life, self-taught, and have found calligraphy to be my favorite form of fulling my heart cry of bringing people together. 

Nectar’s style is nestled between rustic and refined—and I hope it is the sweetness you’re looking for!

So reach out to me, sweetly buzz in my ear and let’s talk about your ideas. Anything is possible!

photos by Samantha Josette